What is eSIM

What is eSIM

eSIM is a virtual SIM card that can replace a plastic SIM card. If your smartphone supports this technology, you just need to activate a number and a tariff.

eSIM advantages

Unlock hassle-free mobile connectivity with eSIM!



Easy switching between multiple numbers



Enhanced security of data management



Remote activation via digital QR code

How to activate eSIM

It is necessary to purchase a SIM card with a special QR code. To scan the code, forward it to another device. The instructions for activating eSIM will depend on the operating system of the device.

How to activate eSIM

How to activate eSIM?


o Go to your phone's Settings and select the "Cellular" option.
o When you are in the "Cellular" section, go to the "Add cellular tariff" section.
o Scan the QR code using the camera.
o After scanning the QR code, select "Add cellular tariff."
o Click OK and you're done.


o Go to your phone's settings section.
o Select "Connections" and go to "SIM Card Manager."
o When you are in the "SIM Card Manager" section, select "Add mobile tariff."
o Scan the QR code and when you're done, click "Use and Add."

How to buy eSIM?



What is the difference between an eSIM and a regular SIM card?

eSIM is the same SIM card, but already installed on the phone.

How to change SIM card with eSIM?

To replace a regular SIM card with an eSIM, you need to visit a sales and service center of Team with an identity document. Service fee is AMD 200.

How to check if the device supports eSIM?

Whether a device is eSIM-compatible depends on whether the manufacturer includes an eSIM in their smartphones. We have a list of eSIM-compatible devices for easy checking: https://www.telecomarmenia.am/en/esim-availability

However, there are some cases when a device doesn’t support eSIM technology, even if it is listed as eSIM-capable. In some countries and regions, there may be models released without eSIM capability. Or, the carrier you purchased your device from may not have an eSIM feature enabled.

eSIM Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure your smartphone supports eSIM technology;
  2. Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi;
  3. Turn on the camera and scan the QR code, then follow the instructions on the menu.

Do I need to save a QR code?

Yes, it is necessary in order to be able to reinstall the eSIM. The QR code can be scanned up to 5 times.

What to do if the QR code is lost?

If you have used the QR code, installed the eSIM to your device and did not delete it, you will not be able to download the eSIM to another device. You need to contact the Team sales and service center.

What is the ICCID number and where can I find it for eSIM?

The ICCID is a unique 20-digit serial number that identifies the eSIM card. The ICCID number is provided in the letter that you receive upon purchasing the eSIM to email.

How many eSIMs can I install?

This opportunity depends on the device manufacturer and operating system; on average, up to 5 eSIM cards can be installed simultaneously on one smartphone, but only one can be used.

Is it possible to reinstall eSIM?

Yes, it is, the eSIM card can be reinstalled up to 5 times, considering the fact that it is not activated on another device. We recommend temporarily disabling your unused eSIM to avoid having to reinstall it.

How to remove eSIM from a device?

To remove an eSIM from your device, go to your cellular (mobile) settings, tap the eSIM you want to remove, and select «Remove Cellular Plan». Depending on the device, there may be options «Delete eSIM» or «Delete tariff plan», etc. In this case, the eSIM card will still be considered active unless you terminated your subscription agreement.

Can I switch my eSIM to another device?

Yes, for this you need to remove the eSIM from the current device and then download it to another device. To do so, use the same QR code.

Is it possible to install one eSIM on several devices?

Not. An eSIM card can only be installed on one device.

How to block eSIM if your phone is lost?

If you have lost your phone with eSIM, call 100 or visit Team sales and service center.

How to change the eSIM label?

Typically, you can store multiple eSIM profiles on your phone and switch between them as needed. When installing an eSIM, the device automatically assigns a label. After that, you can go to the device settings section and change it.

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