Shake and win!

Shake and win!

Shake every day and win Samsung A05s, robot vc, el. scooter, Powerbank, Smart watch, headphones, loudspeaker and a lot of other prizes.

How to participate?

Register in My Team application


Open the Shake section

Shake and win surprises every day

Subscribers of other operators also can shake

I want!

If you are subscriber of other operator

  • Shake every day, accumulate MBs and Team Bonus points
  • By becoming a TEAM subscriber with your number within the Shake promo, you can activate all accumulated Bonus points and megabytes for a period of 3 days, paying 1 AMD for each MB package won.
  • Join TEAM with your number or buy a new one and use the chosen Be Free package for 1 month with a 50-100% discount. Offer is available only for online requests. Explore

Unlimited Shakes

Activate "1GB + Shake" service, get 1GB internet for 3 days and one additional shake only for 100 AMD.

Unlimited Shakes
    Karapp promo codes
  • Win promo code
  • Download Karapp application
  • Activate promo code following the instruction
  • Teach yourself by listening to audio recordings of lessons different areas and subjects
    E-shop promo codes
  • Copy won promo code
  • Visit Team E-shop, choose product and add it to the cart
  • Fill in the required information, in the "Enter promo code" field type the promo code and click "Apply" button.
  • Chosen product will be discounted accordingly to the applied promo code.

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My Team With My Team app you can:
  • Check balance and package remainings
  • Get free detailed bill
  • Make fast and safe payments
  • Exchange bonus points
  • Activate services
  • Change tariff plans

Become TEAM subscriber

Buy a new number or join with your own and enjoy all the benefits of TEAM



Who can participate in promo?

Mobile subscribers of all RA operators who are individuals and users of the My Team AM application.

Where i can find terms of the promo?

You can find terms of promo here.

"Daran" Promo codes


How do I use "Daran" promo codes?

  • Visit the "Daran" bookstore located at Isaakyana St.16a.
  • Present your winning promo code.
  • Enjoy a 20% discount on your book purchases.


What is the validity period of "Daran" promo codes?

- “Daran” promo codes are valid until March 31st, 2024.


How many times can I use the promo code?

  • Promo code can be used for a one-time purchase


How many books I can buy with this promo code?

  • You can purchase an unlimited quantity of books in a single transaction using this promo code.



Karapp promocodes


How to use Karapp promo codes
You can find the conditions for using Karapp promo codes here

Who can use Karapp promo codes?
Karapp promo codes can be used by all subscribers, except for subscribers who are in the subscription. The promo code can be used after the end of the subscription.

What is the validity period of Karapp promo codes?
Karapp promo codes are valid until 31.03.2023.

How often i can participate in promo?

You can participate in promo every day once in a day by paing AMD 1 for each won MB package or activate 1GB + Shake service and get one more shake.

What is required to participate in the promo?

To participate in the promo you have to download My Team application and open the Shake section from the main menu.

How to participate in the promo?

Information about the participation can be found here.

What prizes can i win?

While participating in the Shake every day you can win from the following prizes: Samsung A05s, robot vc, el.scooter, Powerbank, Smart watch, wireless earbuds, loudspeakers, Karapp promocodes, a number of special offers, as well as up to 500MB Internet.

How to receive my prize?

After winning a prize, a Team employee will contact you within 1-4 business days and inform you about the process of receiving the prize.

How to download My Team application to join the Shake?

To download My Beeline Armenia application follow the link.