Sustainable Development

With this statement Telecom Armenia OJSC expresses its dedication to continuously improve its operation performance in order to reduce any adverse environmental and social impacts resulting from the company’s activities.  

The Company is conscious of its environmental and social responsibility and aims to improve all aspects of its operations, with a commitment to decrease its carbon footprint and become more environmentally sustainable.

Our commitment: The Company acknowledges that all activities in all aspects of work in general may have a negative impact on the environment. Thus, by reviewing its own activities, the Company is seeking ways to reduce its impact on the environment. In particular, the Company is doing this through:

  • Balancing the economic, social and environmental outcomes and adhering to stringent environmental and social standards ;
  • Taking practical steps to reduce the environmental impact;
  • Reducing energy consumption and adopting energy efficient technologies;
  • Partnering with environmentally sustainable organizations;
  • Procuring environmentally sustainable & fairly sourced products;
  • Integrating circularity in all aspects of our operations, including waste management  
  • Minimizing pollution;
  • Preventing emergencies from occurring and providing mechanisms to protect its employees, general public and the environment from the adverse impacts of force majors and manmade accidents;
  • Training and continuously improving the knowledge of its staff about the ESMS system and the paths of streamlining it into the Company’s overall management system;
  • Ensuring safety and health of all employees, the communities concerned and the general public in their interaction with Company’s facilities and operations;
  • Preventing discrimination, advocating against any form of forced or child labor, as well as promoting gender equity and prohibiting all forms of corruption;
  • Monitoring and reviewing the implementation of the above-listed commitments under the ESMS system to document achievements and gaps and ensure continued improvement of the implementation of its E&S standards. 

Telecom Armenia OJSC

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