COMBO 4 9900

Monthly fee - 9900 AMD.

Mobile inclusions

Be Free 4900
Be Free 4900
Minutes to all RA networks, Artsakh, USA and Canada, Beeline Russia & Tele2*
Minutes to all RA networks, Artsakh, USA and Canada, Beeline Russia & Tele2*
SMS to all RA networks, Artsakh
SMS to all RA networks, Artsakh
Special number
Special number
Հատուկ համար

Fixed Inclusions

Landline internet (up to)
Landline internet (up to)
Calls from landline phone to Team landline network
Calls from landline phone to Team landline network

Wi-Fi device

 TV Box

5 SIM cards with the following inclusions:

Unlimited calls among group members

 200 MB of Mobile Internet

40 TV channels

Additional teamTV Box - 2500 AMD/month

For new subscribers, the service of free ТeamTV channels is automatically activated. Login and password will be sent through SMS in order to insert them in the required fields of ТeamTV application correspondingly.

In order to use the service of free ТeamTV channels, current subscribers must dial *818# to receive their login and password.

In case of losing login or password dial *812#.

With username received by SMS, you can connect to 3 TeamTV devices simultaneously.

ТeamTV mobile application does not consume internet megabytes and is available all over the country.

Using teamTV without consuming megabytes means that upon enabling Combo Plus plan, the megabytes included in the package shall not be used while watching TeamTV in 3G or 4G (LTE) mobile networks and no additional fees shall be charged from your balance.

ТeamTV application is available On all smartphones and tabs with operating systems iOS 12.0 and Android 6.0 and above. Rebroadcasting of TV channels (audio-visual programs) is provided by "Telecom Armenia" OJSC and "TEAM" CJSC. The content of the video gallery is mainly provided by "TEAM" CJSC.

From 21.10․2020, after consuming the package for 3000 minutes, calls with 0 AMD/min tariff to the Artsakh. We will provide additional information on the validity period of the mentioned tariff.

After consuming of 3000 minutes package, 10000 on-net minutes are provided.

After consuming incuded packages the following tariffs wiil be applied:

Primary cell phone number

Call to all RA networks

10 AMD/min

SMS to all local networks

10 AMD

SMS to international networks

20 AMD

Additional cell phone number



Calls to Team mobile network

5 драм/мин

Calls to mobile and landline networks of RA and Artsakh

15.9 драм/мин

SMS to mobile networks of RA and Artsakh

5 драм

Landline phone number

Calls to landline networks of RA and Artsakh(after package consumption)

5 AMD/min

Calls to RA mobile networks: 07.00-23.00h

70 AMD/min

Calls to RA mobile networks: 23.00-07.00h

49 AMD/min

Calls to Artsakh mobile network

35 AMD/min

Calls to Beeline Russia mobile network

35 AMD/min

Tariffication is done in seconds, starting from the 1st second.

Package is postpaid.

To avoid additional charges it is recommended to change the tariff plan in the first days of the month.

Postpaid COMBO tariff plan is fully available on the first day of the month when you join the package. In the event of joining another day, the subscriber fee and the minutes, SMS and MBs provided by the package are calculated by the end of the month.

In case of terminating the contract on mobile communication services provision unused means on the balance of the subscriber at the moment of termination of the contract are not returned.

The operator monthly provides invoice to subscriber for provided services (at the end of billing cycle) according to the operator's actual tariffs.

*Calls to Russia

Free minutes to Beeline and Tele2 mobile network of Russia can be used by dialing the number in the following format: *88* 00 (country code) (telephone number) or direct dialing.

Calls to the Beeline and Tele2 Russia mobile network can be made only to the phone numbers starting with the following codes:


Exit code 

Country code 

Mobile network code 

 "Beeline" (Russia)



 900335-900344, 90205-90207,
90252, 902553-902557, 902559,
903, 90462, 905-906, 90844-90845,
908460-908464, 90896-90899, 909,
95100-95102, 95320-95322, 96, 9786





In case of calling to the Beeline Russia and Tele2 mobile network with other codes to the numbers transferred to the Beeline Russia and Tele2 within the framework of the number portability service, the charging is done according to standard tariffs.

Mobile services

Free of charge services of additional cards are provided for a period of 30 days, on the 1st day of each month.

Unlimited calls of additional cards within the group can be used with a positive balance (greater than 0).

If the primary card is blocked, the additional services of the additional cards are suspended.

Upon primary card termination, additional cards packages are permanently disconnected and not restored. However, additional telephone numbers can be used as prepaid cards.

If you have been suspended for 51 days, your service package will be cancelled, including fixed Internet.

To resume the service package please contact the nearest Team Sales and Service Center.

If the internet package has expired*

You can turn on main phone number:

*Additional internet packages (also internet packages from Team Bonus program) are not available for the tariff plans with Internet speed limitation.

Home phone

The one-time fee for a new telephone line installation is 2400 AMD.

The terms of use of the TV application can be found in the ТeamTV section.

You can join the program by registering in the “Personal account”, downloading “My Team” mobile application or dialling *555# request.

Details here.

Archived tariff plans