Buy Number by Subscription

Buy Number by Subscription

Get a nice number only just by subscribing to our services


How to Buy Number by Subscription?



Choose a nice number from eShop, view subscription terms and add to basket.



On order processing stage activate "Subscription" checkbox and review your order.



Our specialist will contact you to confirm all the details and process number registration.



Await your number to be delivered and activated.

Nice numbers

Nice numbers

Nice numbers available by online credit with VTB bank

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What does it mean to purchase a number by subscription?

You can purchase a beautiful number for less than original price. To do so, you only need to pay a minimum amount of a fixed contribution and subscribe to a postpaid BeFree tariff plan for a certain period of time. Upon the expiration of the subscription period, you can change the terms of service as you wish.

What are the conditions for purchasing a number by subscription?

Below you can learn more about all the conditions for purchasing a number by subscription.

Nice numbers Original price Subscription price Subscription period Required BeFree post-paid tarif plan
TOP 50000 20000 12 2900, 4900, 7900
TOP 100000 35000 24 4900, 7900
TOP 110000 60000 12 4900, 7900
TOP 200000 110000 24 4900, 7900
TOP 210000 140000 12 4900, 7900
TOP 500000 300000 24 7900

How to get a number by subscription?

- Visit the eShop store;
- On the Numbers page, select a number available by subscription;
- Add the selected number to the Cart;
- Go to the Cart and click Buy;
- In the section Buy Now, activate the "Buy by subscription" button;
- The system will automatically recalculate the price offer;
- Fill in and check all personal details and Send request;
- Once our specialist confirms all the data with you, the number will be registered and you will be able to use it.

What happens if contract is terminated before the specified period?

When terminating the contract ahead of schedule, you will need to pay a penalty, the amount of the penalty will be specified in the contract. If the penalty is not paid, the number is frozen with the possibility of future resale to another user.