About us

Telecom Armenia OJSC (The brand - Team Telecom Armenia) is an Armenian company, with a leading position in the field of telecommunications and cutting-edge technologies in the country.

Being the successor of the first telecommunication network in Armenia, the company has a 100-year history of providing services in the sphere. Due to combining rich experience and advanced technologies, Team provides reliable and innovative services to both individual and corporate customers. 

The company provides mobile and fixed Internet services, digital television, mobile and fixed telephone communication services in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. To ensure the high quality of its services, in 2021 Team launched its strategic project- the construction of a unique in the region NGN (Next Generation Network) with 25 Gb/s capacity. As a result of the project, implemented jointly with Nokia, the network is already available to more than 230 thousand households throughout Yerevan and the regions. In the near future, this network will provide high-quality communications and Internet to all residents of Armenia. 

With the aim of increasing the level of reliability and security of the Internet in Armenia, as well as reducing the country’s dependence on accidents happening abroad, in the beginning of 2024, Team launched the third international cable with a capacity of more than 1 Tbit/s, connecting Armenia to Frankfurt, the largest data exchange center in Europe, by a new, alternative route.

The company has also thoroughly upgraded and modernized its DWDM network, providing access to the Middle East backhaul and Internet sales market. In a short timespan, Team has become one of the largest Internet exporting companies in this direction, providing services to 5 countries in the Middle East. 

To popularize the use of electric vehicles in Armenia and make it easier, smoother and more enjoyable, Team Telecom Armenia is building a network of Team Energy fast charging stations throughout Armenia. Developing this network through innovative solutions will have a positive impact also on the environment.

Telecom Armenia OJSC is the first telecommunications company in Armenia to conduct an initial public offering (IPO), becoming even more open and public. The company's shares are listed on the Armenian Stock Exchange.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company supports the implementation of technological, educational and scientific, as well as environmental projects, promotes the creation and dissemination of Armenian content, the development of regions and the implementation of sports events and initiatives that encourage team spirit.