About issued stocks

About issued stocks

Telecom Armenia" OJSC is allocating nominal book-entry common stocks of Class "A" through an initial public offering until October 31, 2023. Quantity – 40,000,000 Stock price – 206 AMD Total offering volume – 8,240,000,000 AMD Minimum purchase quantity – 200 Minimum purchase volume – 41,200 AMD Lead arranger – Ameriabank CJSC

Why Team Telecom Armenia?

Why Team Telecom Armenia?

A company with 100% Armenian capital Sustainable financial growth A company with a history of over 100 years Pioneer in innovative technologies United, professional and goal-oriented team

Become a shareholder now

Become a shareholder now

Stocks can be purchased: • through MyInvest platform of Bank's MyAmeria application. • By visiting any of the Bank's branches and completing the relevant application. • By sending the completed application to the email address: CapitalMarkets@ameriabank.am.

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What is a share (stock)?

A share (stock) is a security that certifies the right of its owner (shareholder) to receive a portion of the company's profit in the form of a dividend and to participate in the management of the joint-stock company.

Who is the target of the public offering?

Public offering is for resident and non-resident individuals and legal entities.

What kind of shares does the Company offer?

The Company offers newly issued ordinary registered shares of class A.

What other shares has the company issued?

The Company has also issued ordinary registered shares of class B, 100% of which are owned by TEAM CJSC.

What is the difference between class A and class B shares?

The Company's ordinary shares of class A and class B grant to their holders the same rights (except for the right to vote per share). Class A shares carry 1 (one) vote per share, while class B shares have 10 (ten) votes per share.

After placement of class A shares, what will be the share of class A and class B shares in the Company's share capital?

In the event of placement of the entire volume of class A ordinary shares, the holders of the Company's class B ordinary shares will own 82.49% of the Company's ordinary shares, and the holders of the class A ordinary shares will own 17.51% of the Company's ordinary shares.

Considering the number of votes granted by each class of shares, the holder of Class B ordinary shares will be entitled to 97.92% of the voting rights of the Company, and the holders of Class A ordinary shares will have 2.08% of the voting rights of the Company.

Can I purchase class B shares?

No, the offering is for class A shares only.

When will I be able to exercise the rights under the shares (for instance, receive dividends and participate in management of the Company)?

You will be able to exercise the rights under the shares only after the end of the placement and registration of the charter reflecting the change in the Issuer’s share capital in the State Register of Legal Entities.

What income will I receive from the shares?

Investors can receive income from shares either in the form of dividends or by selling the shares at a higher price.

What dividends will a shareholder receive in case of purchasing class A shares?

According to the Republic of Armenia laws and regulations the Company cannot guarantee payment of dividends for ordinary shares. Issues related to payment of dividends for the shares are subject to the Republic of Armenia laws and regulations and the Company’s charter. The Company can make a decision (statement) about payment of quarterly, interim and annual dividends for the placed shares. 

Will I be able to sell the shares at a higher price?

Share price is determined by supply and demand in the stock market. It may increase or decrease generating a gain or loss for the investor.

Are the gains from the shares taxable?

Dividends received by a resident profit tax payer are not subject to profit tax.

Non-resident profit tax payers are exempted from capital gain tax and profit tax accruing on dividends received from the listed shares.

Resident and non-resident individuals are exempt from capital gain tax. Dividends from the listed shares are not subject to income tax.

How will I be able to participate in the management of the Company?

Shareholders can participate in the management of the Company by attending the general meetings of shareholders.

The company convenes an annual general meeting of shareholders every year. Apart from the annual general meetings of shareholders, all other general meetings of the Company are considered extraordinary. Decisions of the Company’s general meeting of shareholders are adopted by a simple majority of the votes of the holders of voting shares participating in the meeting.

Company’s shareholders may exercise their right to participate in the Company's general meeting in person or through an authorized representative.

Where can I receive complete information about the Company and the offered shares?

Full information about the Company and the offered shares is presented in the prospectus which is available on the official websites of Telecom Armenia OJSC and Ameriabank CJSC.


How can I purchase the offered shares?

The shares are sold by the arranger, i.e. Ameriabank CJSC. The shares can be purchased:


By submitting a purchase order via MyInvest platform of MyAmeria application

By submitting a purchase order via Online Banking system of Ameriabank

In person

By visiting any of Ameriabank’s branches[1] and completing the relevant purchase order with a client manager
By sending the completed purchase order to capitalmarkets@ameriabank.am.

Is it necessary to become a client of Ameriabank to purchase the shares?

No, but only individuals who are clients of Ameriabank can submit a purchase order via MyInvest platform.

How to become a client of Ameriabank?

You can approach any of Ameriabank branches.

Individuals can open a bank account and become a client also online – https://smart-apply.ameriabank.am/.

What other account does an investor need?

To purchase shares an investor must also have a securities account.

Investors submitting share purchase orders via MyInvest platofrm of Ameriabank can open a securities account online.

Is there an account opening fee?

Opening a bank account online at Ameriabank is free, but for a securities account, there is an annual fee of AMD 5,000 for securities account maintenance.

The Issuer will cover the securities account maintenance costs for 1 year for those individual investors who will open a securities account under the securities custody services of Ameriabank CJSC to purchase the Shares.

Investors can obtain the information about other fees (if any) for opening a bank and/or securities account at a licensed company other than Ameriabank from such company.

Are there any other costs for purchasing shares?

No additional costs or taxes will be charged to the persons purchasing the shares during the placement. In case of purchasing the shares through a brokerage firm, the investor should clarify the details of the payment process with the respective brokerage firm.


Can I sell the shares?

  • Shares can be sold after listing and admission to trading at the Armenia Securities Exchange.

When will the shares be listed?

Within 5 business days after placement of shares, the Company will apply to Armenia Securities Exchange for share listing and admission to trading.
As per the Arranger’s estimation, the shares will be listed within 1 month after the end of placement.

What do I need to trade shares on the Securities Exchange?

In order to trade shares on the Securities Exchange investors must use brokerage services. Brokerage services are provided by a number of local banks and investment companies.
Individuals using Ameriabank's brokerage services can trade shares on the Securities Exchange online through MyInvest platform.

What costs do I incur when trading shares on the Securities Exchange?

For transactions with shares an exchange fee equal to 0.1% of the transaction amount is applied.
Apart from the exchange fee, an additional commission may be applied by the broker. Investors can obtain information about it from their broker. Ameriabank applies a brokerage fee of 0.1% of the transaction value (min. AMD 2,000) for such transactions.