Service "Online"

1 GB + 500 min inside Team mobile network

500 min inside Team mobile network + 1 GB Internet

500 AMD/month


Who can use the "Online" service

Service “Online” is available only for additional cards of COMBO service packages.



Send SMS with the text 2500 to the number


Or dial the USSD command




Call 06742501
Send SMS with the text 2501 to the number 0674
Or dial the USSD command *2501#
  1. Service validity period is 30 days.
  2. The service can be reactivated. If you have enough money on your account, then after 30 days from the day of service activation, the service will be automatically prolonged.
  3. To check the service validity, dial * 113 #

1.In the beginning of the 30th day from 00:00-03:30 period, your account will be discharged by 500 drams and you will be able to make unlimited calls within Beeline mobile network for 30 more days.
2.It is recommended not to activate the service in the mentioned period in order to avoid repeated charging.

If you don’t have enough money on your account, then after the service validity period expiration, the service will not be provided.