• Team Bonus
    • Who can benefit from “Team Bonus”?
      The program is available both for prepaid and postpaid physical entities of “Team” CJSC, using mobile and convergent bundles. The program is also available for the users of “My Company”, who are registered on the tariff plans available for physical entities
    • How to enroll in the program?
      In order to benefit from the program subscribers should register to “Team Bonus” program. Registration is free. User can registr to the program in 3 ways through the website http://www.telecomarmenia.am by registering to “Personal account” and visiting “Bonus” section. through “My Team” mobile application. Download the application, register, visit the “Bonus” section and get more bonus points. through USSD menu by dialling the applicable *555# command After completing the registration, the user will get a notification on successful enrolment and will start to accumulate points for his/her activities. In case the user is already registered in “Personal account” they just need to visit the “Bonus” section.
    • How to accumulate points?
      After registering user will accumulate points corresponding to the status of the subscriber. For each spent 10 AMD user will get 1 point. (corresponding to the status of the subscriber). Depending on the status, subscribers accumulate points in accordance with the coefficient of their status: Standard status: 10 AMD = 1 point/ Silver status: 10 AMD = 1.3 points/ Gold status: 10 AMD = 1.5 points/ Platinum status: 10 AMD = 1.7 points/  Points are not accumulated for the amount spent on premium SMS and voice services (for example: for services included in the Entertainment section of the website http://www.telecomarmenia.am, the “Where Are You” service), for messages sent to 1045 short number (parking services), as well as for any voice and short message services provided by third parties). In case of a one-time top up of the balance in the amount of 10,000 AMD and more. For registering to Team Bonus program, depending on the registration method. On the day of subscription to the Beeline Bonus program. When switching to certain tariff plans.
    • Bonus points accumulated for prepaid subscribers
      For the prepaid Subscribers, points are accumulated daily. that is, for the day-to-day expenses  for the  mobile services. Aaccumulated points are transferred to the bonus account 24 hours after using the services. The subscriber is eligible to use the received points immediately. SMS notification on the accumulated points will be sent to user once a week, every Monday.
    • Bonus points accumulated for postpaid subscribers?
      For the postpaid Subscribers, the points are accumulated monthly and are provided upon payment of the bill for the mobile services. SMS notification on the accumulated points will be sent to the user once a month. In case the postpaid subscriber makes the payment in advance the accumulated bonus points will be transferred only on the 2nd of the next month.
    • How to exchange bonus points to the services?
      The accumulated points can be exchanged with the mobile internet, sms, minute bundles and other special offers proposed by the Company. Subscriber can exchange the accumulated points with offered services only when in active status. Services exchanged for the accumulated bonus points have validity period for 15/30 days, and in case of no usage the activated services will burn with no restore possibility. Subscriber can exchange the bonus points with the services in 3 ways: through the “Bonus” section of the “My Team” mobile application, through the bonus section of the Personal Account on http://www.telecomarmenia.am, through USSD menu by dialling *555#.
    • What kind of phone numbers are available within the "Nice Numbers" service?
      Subscribers can exchange the bonus points to "Nice numbers" with all the available codes except 033. "Nice numbers" purchased with bonus points should be taken from the Team shops in 30 days.
    • For how long can I use the accumulated points?
      The accumulated points can be used both in the current year and until December 31 of the next year.
    • Is there a validation period for the accumulated bonus points?
      Yes, all the points accumulated in 1 year will have the same validity period.  That is in case user registered in 2019 and starts to accumulate points, the accumulated point will be valid until 31.12.2020, points accumulated in 2020 will be valid until 31.12.2021. In case of no usage of the current bonus points, during the validity period, all the accumulated points will be zeroed on the 31st of December of the next year. The nullification of the accumulated points is performed on yearly basis both for prepaid and postpaid users. Before nullifying the accumulated points users will get warning notification sms 20 days in advance. In the personal account page user can see the accumulated points and its validity period. In case the user is subscribed to Beeline Bonus program for two or more years, then s/he will have two validity periods for the accumulated points: the previous year accumulated points and the current year accumulated points.
    • What is status of the Team Bonus program and how is it granted?
      Once registered to the Program, the users will be given a membership status according to the monthly expenses for mobile and convergent services of “Team” CJSC (computed cumulatively for the last six months).      Statuses to be assigned to the subscribers are the following: Standard status (>100/ Silver status(>13 000/ Gold status (>37 000/<£77 999 AMD) Platinum status (>78 000 AMD)
    • Can the accumulated bonus points be transferred to another subscriber?
      No. The accumulated points and corresponding services they have been exchaged with, cannot be transferred to another subscriber of Team.
    • Can the granted status of Team Bonus be changed?
      Status of the subscribers will be reviewed once each 180 days based on the number of the accumulated points for that period. On the 181st day the system will check/review the current status of the user based on the total number of the accumulated points for the last 180 days.
    • Will my status and accumulated points be saved in the new Bonus program?
      If you have GOLD and VIP status, it will be saved when you sign up for a new program. VIP status will be renamed Platinum in the new program. Your status will be saved until 31.12.2020 to be enrolled in a new program, after which it will be valid for 6 months, then your status will be reviewed in accordance with the relevant program rules. If you have send request for points saving (06744040) then your points have been saved and will be transferred to your account after signing up to the new program. Points will be retained until 31.12.2020 to sign up for a new program.