Where are you?

The service allows the users to obtain information about the current location of other Team subscribers, after receiving their consent to determine their location

Dial the command *999# and activate the service.

Dial the command *999# and choose 5>Management 3>Deactivation, in the service menu.

Price Service fee is 30 AMD per day.

Every day after 10 search requests, each new request will be charged - 30 AMD.

  • To be able to determine the location of another Team network subscriber, select the option «1>Add number» in the service menu, enter the destination Subscriber number, whose location you want to determine, and send a request.
  • At the same time, the destination subscriber will receive SMS-notification from service number 9999 with a request to allow you to get information about his/her current location. Thus, you must first obtain consent from each subscriber, whose location you would like to define.
  • To confirm his consent, the destination subscriber must send an SMS with the number of the subscriber-initiator to the number 9999, whom he/she allows to determine his location. If the destination subscriber does not want to give his/her consent, they may ignore that SMS.
  • Once the destination subscriber allows you to determine his/her location, you get the opportunity to request information about his/her location at any time. If everything with search request goes well, you receive an SMS with a text description of the destination subscriber's current location and the link to map.

For subscribers, who have not activated the service, have the opportunity to use an auxiliary menu, from which they will be able to manage the list of numbers, whom he/she has previously given the permission to determine his/her location. To access the auxiliary menu, it is necessary to dial *999*1# call.

The location of a subscriber is not determined in 4G network.