Let's Talk

Unlimited calls inside Team mobile network

  • Call 0674888
  • Send SMS with the text 888 to the number 0674
  • Dial the command *888#
  • Call 06748880
  • Send SMS with the text 8880 to the number  0674 
  • Dial the command *888*0#

Service fee is 990 AMD per month.

“Let’s Talk” service offers Team prepaid subscribers to make unlimited calls within Team mobile network.

Service validity is 1 month. 

To check the service validity dial *118#

If there is enough balance on your account, the service will be automatically prolonged. If there are not enough funds available, service will not be automatically prolonged. The service will be reconnected when there will be enough funds on your balance 

The number of connections is not restricted, the service can be deactivated only by your request.

Note that for unlimited calls within Team network your balance has to be positive.