Mobile ID

Payments and identification using mobile phone.


Mobile ID is a service provided by the Telecom Armenia mobile operator, which allows you to use your mobile device to authenticate and sign various electronic documents and transactions. This service is based on the identification of the user by their mobile number and a special encrypted key stored in the SIM card or in a special secure element of the device.

You can find the general rules of Mobile ID and electronic signature services here.

  • The service is used to verify identity for online banking, electronically sign contracts, access to government or corporate online services, etc.)
  • The service provides a high level of security through the use of cryptographic methods and the secure infrastructure of the mobile operator.
  • The service provides an opportunity for the user to access their electronic identifiers and sign documents in any place where there is the access to mobile communications.

For all individuals who have:

  • Electronic ID card.
  • Valid RA passport and social card.
  • Registered number in the network of the Telecom Armenia mobile operator.

In this case, you must provide the number of the application for refusal of State Services.

To purchase and activate the Service you must:

  • Visit your preferred Telecom Armenia sales office to receive a USIM card with the Mobile ID service. You can purchase a card with a social card and a passport, but you can use the service only if you have an electronic ID card.

No, the Mobile ID service is not provided by proxy. is a national identification system that combines solutions for reliable (strict) personal identification, such as identification by ID card, mobile phone and smart devices.

 You need to go to the portal. Login for signing in is a registered number in the network of the Telecom Armenia mobile operator with the activated Mobile ID service. . is an agency for the implementation of e-government infrastructures. More details can be found on .

Register on the “EKENG” website and make an annual payment AMD of 3,000 via the link in any of the above ways.

  • Monthly service fee is AMD 0.
  • The cost of USIM cards with the Mobile ID application is AMD 0.
  • The cost of replacing USIM cards with the Mobile ID application is AMD 500.