Mobile ID

Mobile ID is an effective and convenient tool for person identification through the mobile phone and documents approving through digital signature or ID card.

Why do you need this service?

  • Mobile ID service provides subscribers opportunity to authenticate through ID card without card-reader device
  • Service provides access from everywhere and you can approve or sign necessary documents at any time
  • Minimal need for visiting public institutions
  • Secured personal data during online operations

 What does service provide?

  • Online deals just through mobile phone
  • More simple authentication process
  • Low level of risks during online deals providing
  • Safe identification process
  • Less documents and signing of documents online


For service activation:

  • Availability of valid ID card
  • Attend one of the following Team sales and service office Abovyan 21
  • Activate service following instructions on website

Mobile ID service fee is 600 AMD per month

USIM-card with included Mobile ID service is 2000 AMD