Universal payment card

The easiest way to recharge your account! Just buy one of the Team payment cards of any nominal value, and then activate it.
With the help of the universal payment card you can pay not only for mobile communication, but also for Beeline landline communication services. Nominal values of the cards: 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 20000 AMD.

  • Dial the command *101*[card code16 symbols]#
  • Call 0696 and activate the cards

Call 08000-0696 and activate the card

  • Dial the command *101*[card code16 symbols] * [phone number, the balance of which you want to top-up, in 9-digit format *0+ code + subscriber number] #
  • Call 08000-0696 and activate the card

Call 08000 and activate the payment card, indicating the number the balance of which you want to top-up

While in roaming the subscriber can top-up both the balance of his/her phone number and the balance of other landline or mobile phone number of «Team» network, dialing the number +374080000696 or dialing the following command *101* [card code 16 symbols] *[phone number] #.

Subscribers of other mobile and landline networks, including international, can recharge the balance of subscribers of Team landline and mobile network by dialing +37480000696 or 080000696 numbers.

37480000696 calls from other networks are paid according to tariffs of corresponding Operator.

The subscriber bears the responsibility for incorrectness of entered data while using the service (in particular, but not limited to incorrectly indicated phone number, incorrectly entered transfer amount).

«Telecom Armenia» CJSC does not bear any responsibility for transfers made as a result of subscribers’ mistakes.