Call Me

The service allows Team prepaid and postpaid system subscribers to send a request to call back. The subscriber whom you ask to call you back will receive an SMS-message on your behalf with standard text asking to call him/her back. You will also receive an SMS notification about your request delivery.

For sending request to Team subscribers, dial the command*143*[the subscriber’s number to whom the request is addressed]#.

For sending request to subscribers of mobile or landline networks of foreign countries, dial the  command *99*00[country code][international number].

If you don’t want to receive “Call me” requests, you can bar their receiving. To do that please dial *143*0#

You can activate the request receiving again via *143*1# command.

Уou can send no more than 10 requests within one day: maximum 5 requests to Beeline subscribers in Russia and the CIS, and maximum 5 requests to subscribers of mobile operators in Armenia.

The “Call me” service is available both on the active numbers and if prepaid numbers are blocked due to finances. When blocking the incoming communication, the request addressee will not be able to reach the subscriber.

If you haven’t got enough means to make a call, the subscriber to whom you call, will receive a notification informing that you tried to contact him.

You can send a request to subscribers of the "domestic" network and in roaming, as well as to mobile subscribers of Beeline in Russia and the CIS.

Incoming calls from Team phones are charged in roaming, that is why you can receive them only if you have enough money on your balance.

There is no limitation on quantity of requests.

The service is free of charge.

It is available for subscribers of Team mobile network’s prepaid and postpaid payment systems. Subscriber of prepaid payment system can send the request via the command also when having no funds on the account.

Subscriber of postpaid payment system can send the request if his/her number is not deactivated or blocked, i.e. the number has active status.

Service is not available in roaming.