Security for Children

Children require support and protection from their parents not only in real life but in virtual reality as well. These few recommendations could help you protect your kids from potential threats hidden in the net:

  1. Explain to your child why personal information about his/her parents should not be shared with random users.
  2. Explain them why they need to be careful when opening suspicious mails, websites, files sent to them via e-mail or social networks.
  3. Tell them that people on chats are not always who they claim to be. Kids should not agree to meet with random people from Internet. If a stranger suggests meeting, they should immediately tell about this to their parents.
  4. Keep the computer in a place where it is easier for you to control how it’s being used.
  5. Regularly spend time with your child surfing the net together.
  6. Do not blame your child for unpleasant experiences on the Internet. Otherwise, your child will later start hiding them from you for the fear of being punished.
  7. Ask them to show you all messages received, including even the unpleasant ones.
  8. Teach your child not to respond to offensive or threatening messages received by e-mail or on chats.