SIM Replacement

You can always receive a new SIM


If SIM is lost, accidentally damaged or incompatible with telephone1 you can always receive new SIM, maintaining telephone number, tariff plan and balance at the same time.

Subscriber is obliged to pay the amount of charges on number balance, accumulated on the telephone, from the moment of losing the card till the moment of its replacement 2. For physical bodies, SIM replacement is implemented on the basis of written application with visit of cell phone number owner or attorney-in-fact of owner (with a letter of attorney, certified by notary) in Beeline’s Customer Care Office3.

• the attorney-in-fact of the organization presents a passport and an attorney certified by a notary,

• pays the debt on the account,

• submits a request for the phone number recovery.

One-time fee 200 AMD

1SIM-card replacement, when it is incompatible with telephone, is provided on Subscriber Division expert conclusion.

Subscriber has a right to block lost telephone number for unlimited period before changing SIM-card (See “Number Blocking”).

Detailed information about SIM replacement conditions, as well as procedure order and duration is provided in Customer Care Office.

If SIM card defectiveness is the fault of the company it is provided free of charge.

Prices are indicated in drams, including VAT.