Call waiting/Call holding

Don't miss any call


Connecting “Call Waiting”, you will not miss an important call, even if you receive it during a phone conversation! 
A specific tone signal will inform about second call notification. You can make a choice whom to talk to first and speak in turn to each telephone interlocutor. 

“Call Waiting” service allows the subscriber to accept another call during a phone conversation. If another interlocutor calls the subscriber during a phone conversation, a specific tone signal will ring. The subscriber, who receives the call, can:

  • continue the current telephone conversation without paying attention to signal
  • interrupt the current telephone conversation and answer the call
  • answer the call and then speak to each interlocutor in turn, using the complex of Call Waiting/Call Holding service

“Call Holding” Service also allows calling another subscriber during a telephone conversation, and then speaking to each interlocutor in turn1.

There is no fee for connecting “Call Waiting/Call Holding” and the connection is automatic for all subscribers.

1When using Call Waiting/Call Holding service, calling Subscriber makes payments according to tariffs of acting tariff plan and according to tariffication rules.