Call Forwarding

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With «Call Forwarding» service you can forward all incoming calls to any telephone number of RA – cellular, city or intercity. 

Four types of call forwarding are provided: 

• Absolute forwarding - provides transfer of all incoming calls to preselected telephone number.

• Forwarding if telephone is busy - transfers coming calls to preselected telephone number when subscriber telephone is busy.

• Forwarding if subscriber is unavailable - provides transfer of incoming calls to preselected telephone number if subscriber is out of coverage or has switched off his phone.

• Forwarding if there is no answer - transfers incoming calls to preselected telephone number if subscriber has pressed the button of conversation completion or has not answered the call during the interval of time, preset by him.

There is no activation fee for this service. When using call forwarding service, the subscriber pays for conversation time of forwarded call according to the tariffication. The calling subscriber pays only for his call according to the tariffication.

«Call Forwarding» sets up through telephone menu.

You can also set up one or several forwarding modes through special commands:

Forwarding of all calls

  • Connection **21* phone number #
  • Cancel ##21#

Call forwarding if the line is busy

  • Connection **67*phone number #
  • Cancel ##67#

Call forwarding if the phone is switched off

  • Connection **62*phone number #
  • Cancel ##62#

Call forwarding if you have not answered to the call*

  • Connection **61* phone number #
  • Cancel ##61#

* You can set time interval: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds.
By default it is set 30 seconds: if you do not answer in 30 seconds, the call is forwarded to the number specified by you.

The service is tariffed in roaming in the following way: the cost of one minute of air-time consists of the cost of the incoming and corresponding outgoing calls in the tariff zone the subscriber’s visited country belongs to. That is why, if there is no need of the service in roaming, it is recommended to disconnect it when travelling.