Number Restoration

Number restoration for postpaid system subscribers


Subscribers of postpaid system can restore telephone number, which is switched off because of debts, free of charge during the 3 months after dissolution of contract, as well as if cell phone number is not given to a new owner. Subscribers of postpaid and prepaid systems can restore / repurchase "beautiful numbers" that were registered in their names before.

Restoration procedure1 is implemented after debit debt payment, including accounts with non-expired periods of payments (if there is debit debt on restoration implementation, it is necessary to pay debts in Team Customer Care Office in cash).
Procedure realizes number restoration possibility:

  • To previous number and previous SIM;
  • Restoration to previous number but with new SIM, if SIM is lost (Subscriber makes payments for SIM replacement).

For physical as well as for legal bodies, number restoration is implemented on the basis of written application with visitation of cell phone number owner or attorney-in-fact of owner (with a letter of attorney, certified by notary) in Team Customer Care Office2.

1 Procedure envisages restoration of the tariff plan, which subscriber had before contract termination. 

2 Detailed information about number restoration conditions, as well as procedure order and duration is provided in Team Customer Care Office.