Internet package for "Smart" and "Be Free" postpaid tariff plans

Mobile internet

Mobile internet

3 GB


500 ֏

Activate "3GB" internet package if internet volume included in your tariff plan has expired.

  USSD request 

  Call 06744200
  4200 text to 0674  

Check remaining Internet package balance and term: *2020#.

Important! If you have activated this Internet package, but you have not used the Internet, you will not be able to check the remaining balance. The remaining balance can be checked after using a certain part of the package.

Check device and SIM compatibility with 4G network by clicking on "Check" button or via dialing *444# request by your phone.

Join 4G network and enjoy up to 20x faster mobile Internet․

For connecting to 4G network follow the steps below:


  1. Go to “Connections”
  2. Select the section “Cellular”
  3. Go to the section ” Cellular Data Options”
  4. Go to “Network mode” and choose LTE from the drop down
  5. 4G / LTE appears on the screen


  1. Go to “Settings” of your smartphone
  2. Go to “Connections”
  3. Choose the “Mobile network”
  4. Go to “Network mode” and choose LTE from the drop down
  5. 4G / LTE appears on the screen

"3GB" postpaid internet package is available only to the subscribers of "SMART" and "BeFree" postpaid tariff plans.

"3GB" internet package provides 3 GB for 7 days.

If the Internet balance is less than 8MB, then with the simultaneous generation of more than one Internet session, the remainder of the package will be spent only on the first session, and the rest of the sessions will be billed according to the terms of the tariff plan.

After the provided Internet package is used up, an SMS notification is sent to the subscriber in order to prevent unforeseen expenses. Not receiving or receiving late SMS may depend on various limiting factors. To prevent unexpected expenses, you can control the balance and expiration date of your internet package using USSD commands. Note also that SMS notification is sent after the end of the Internet session.

You can use the Internet provided by additional services only after the consumption of the balance of the main package.