Drive Maxi + (100 GB)

High-speed Internet for PC, WiFi/USb modems

Internet volume

Internet volume

100 GB


10,000 AMD/monthly

Switching from prepaid TP's to Drive Maxi+

200 AMD

Switching from postpaid TPs to Drive Maxi+


SMS to the mobile networks of the RA 

20 AMD

SMS to international networks

30 AMD

You may check the rest of the Internet provided as part of the service by dialling *207# USSD.

You can turn on "Extra Internet" bundle

Activation price

500 AMD


until the last day of the main package expiration day

Internet speed

High speed Internet

Provided high speed bundle

3 GB





5005 text to 0674 short number

An "Extra Internet" bundle is available for prepaid tariff plans, which you can activate after the main high speed internet package consumption. In case of having 500 AMD in balance, the money will be automatically charged and an "Extra Internet" bundle will be activated.

If there is Internet access received from the tariff plan or other services, the MBs received from the Shake advertising lottery are spent first.

If the Internet balance is less than 8MB, then with the simultaneous generation of more than one Internet session, the remainder of the package will be spent only on the first session, and the rest of the sessions will be billed according to the terms of the tariff plan, that is, at the price of 1MB.

After the provided Internet package is used up, an SMS notification is sent to the subscriber in order to prevent unforeseen expenses. Not receiving or receiving late SMS may depend on various limiting factors. To prevent unexpected expenses, you can control the balance and expiration date of your internet package using USSD commands. Note also that SMS notification is sent after the end of the Internet session.

The "Extra Internet" bundle provides 3 GB Internet volume, which you can use till the last day of the main package expiration day.

The "Extra Internet" bundle automatically will be activated 3 times during a month and service fee will be charged respectively for each activation.

After you can activate the "Extra Internet" bundle unlimited times during a month paying the service fee for each activation. You can activate bundle by dialing the command *5005# or by sending  SMS  with the text 5005 to the number 0674.

During the first subscription you should pay additional 500 AMD, which will be accrued to you balance.

The remaining volume of provided 100 GB high-speed Internet in tariff plan Drive Maxi+ isn’t transferred to the next month.

The volume of 100 GB Internet included in the TP Drive Maxi+ will be provided on the first day of connection.

Incoming and outgoing voice call services are not available to the subscribers of the prepaid tariff plan Drive Maxi+.

All the prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

The specified tariff plan conditions are valid only on the territory of the RA.