SMS-lessons of Russian language

Լearn Russian and enhance your Russian vocabulary


“SMS-lessons of Russian language” service will help you learn Russian and enhance your Russian vocabulary.

«SMS-lessons of Russian language» service offers explanation of Russian words, spell check, and even participation in a competition with other users.

Each user has free of charge trial period for 2 days, and during that period you can use the service without any limitation. The trial period is available to each subscriber only once.

Before the trial period ends it is possible to unsubscribe from the service with no charge.

Service fee is 40 AMD per day.

To activate the service please dial *997# from a mobile phone and push the call button.
After service activation you will receive SMS with service control commands and the first task.
To unsubscribe from the service, it is necessary to send the command "off" via SMS to 45681 toll-free short number.

You can send free-of-charge SMS with a request to explain any word meaning or to check any word spelling. Just write the required word and send it to free-of-charge number 45681.

To take part in a duel with other users, send the «!!» command (without quotes) to toll-free 45681 number or send the user’s phone number, who you want to invite to a duel challenge.

You can use service commands, by sending appropriate text (without quotes) to the toll-free 45681 number:

“word” to check spelling and get the word meaning
“= nickname” to register/change your nickname (for example: "=Anna")
“0XXYYYYYY” phone number of Beeline user, who you want to invite to a “Duel”
“nickname” user’s nickname, who you want to invite to SMS chat with or who you want to invite to a “duel”
“!!” to start a “Duel” with random user
“Top10” to get the list of 10 best players
“0” to leave the SMS chat