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Receiving an SMS message


Tariffs on SMS service are set according to tariff plans.

Service activation/deactivation for prepaid and postpaid payment system subscribers is performed by any of the indicated methods below:


  • by calling 067409001 number
  • by sending an SMS message to 0674 number with 09001 text
  • by dialing the *110*001# code.


  • by calling 067409000 number
  • by sending an SMS message to 0674 number with 09000 text
  • by dialing the *110*000# command.
  1. Go to your phone menu, select Messages section, and select Write New SMS.
  2. Type SMS using the keyboard (up to 70 symbols — Cyrillic, to 160 — Latin).
  3. In the telephone menu press Send, and enter recipient’s number.
  4. If the SMS receiver is temporarily unreachable, the system will try to deliver the SMS during 24 hours starting from the moment of sending. The message may be delivered even during conversation.

The receiver’s number can be entered in 9-digit or international format:

+ country code mobile network code subscriber’s number

For example, sending SMS to Team subscriber, dial in one of the following formats:

+37491ХХХХХХ, +37496ХХХХХХ, +37499ХХХХХХ or 091ХХХХХХ, 096ХХХХХХ, 099ХХХХХХ

For more information and the order of dialing please contact Team to call 100.

If SMS sending from your phone fails, you need to check the SMS center number in the phone settings.

+37491000301 number must be indicated in the settings.

If you dial a wrong number of the recipient or if the recipient can’t get SMS (the phone is switched off, or is out of coverage longer than an SMS can be kept in SMS Center, or the recipient’s phone has no free space for new incoming messages), the SMS message will not be delivered and the money spent on its delivery will not be returned.