«Nice» number selection

You can choose the number you like most!

For prepaid and postpaid systems of payments cell phone numbers are selected from the list of «Brilliant», «Platinum», «Gold», «Silver», «Bronze», «Nickel» and any other available numbers.

A nice number definition criterion is the presence of repeating numbers of the same digit in it.


350 000 AMD


140 000 AMD


60 000 AMD


20 000 AMD


8 000 AMD


2 000 AMD


To transfer the “Nice Number”, both parties must attend to the Sales and Service Office with identity documents, write and sign the corresponding application.

If the subscriber of the current number has died, the successor (children, wife, husband) presents a death certificate of the subscriber, his passport and birth certificate, or marriage certificate.

In case of transferring "Nice" numbers with "Nickel", "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold", "Platinum" and "Diamond" masks , the current price of the mask is fully paid.

In case of transferring "Nice" numbers with "Silver", "Gold", "Platinum" and "Diamond" masks , a subscription agreement is signed with the corresponding tariff plan "Be Free" or "Smart".