Tariff Plan Change

Choose the most convenient tariff plan for you


Does the new tariff plan correspond to your lifestyle more? You can change it any time, maintaining your telephone number at the same time.

Subscribers of prepaid system can change his/her tariff plan independently via Services Management Center.

For subscribers of postpaid system, tariff plan change is implemented for physical bodies on the basis of written application with visitation of cell phone number owner or attorney-in-fact of owner (with a letter of attorney, certified by notary) in Beeline’s Customer Care Office1.

Service envisages only one tariff plan change of subscriber during calculation month.

If Subscriber is a juridical body:

  • authorized representative of the organization presents a passport and a letter of attorney certified by a notary.
  • submits an application form for changing the tariff plan,
  • pays the debt on the account,
  • pays for the service provision cost.

Attention: Cost of additional service can change, depending on what tariff plan you have chosen. On tariff plan change, in force of technical reasons, connected services can be switched off.

The transition from prepaid payment system to postpaid payment system and vice versa is done free of charge. Only the amount foreseen for the transition to the chosen Tariff Plan is subject to payment.