PIN/PUK Codes Restoration

Restore your PIN/PUK codes in our Customer Care Offices


If you have lost the envelope with PIN/PUK codes of SIM, you will be able to restore them in Team Customer Care Office.

PIN/PUK codes are provided to subscribers of prepaid system on the basis of written application with visitation of cell phone number owner or attorney-in-fact of owner (with a letter of attorney, certified by notary) in Beeline Customer Care Office1.

PIN/PUK codes are provided to subscribers of postpaid systems of payments on the basis of oral application at 0611.

  • If your number is registered on the organization, it is necessary to name its juridical address, name and surname of attorney-in-fact and contact telephone number.
  • During one working day you will receive a call from an employer of Beeline’s Customer Care Department. Be ready to name telephone number, for which PIN/PUK codes are asked, address and name of organization, tax requisites, name and surname of attorney-in-fact, etc.
  • If the information given by you coincides with contract data, you will be dictated information about PIN/PUK codes. 

If subscriber is a juridical body

  • attorney-in-fact of the organization presents passport and a letter of attorney certified by notary
  • fills the application form for PIN/PUK code recovery
  • names at least 3 numbers that are called most frequently

PUK-code is necessary for SIM unblocking if you dialed wrong PIN-code thrice.

To unlock PIN1, type the command:

** 05 * PUK1 code * new PIN1 code * repeat the new PIN1 code #

To unlock PIN2, type:

** 052 * PUK2 code * new PIN2 code * repeat the new PIN2 code #

Be careful when entering the command to unlock: if the PUK code is entered incorrectly 10 times, the SIM card is completely blocked. In this case, you will need to replace the SIM card.

1Details about the conditions for providing PIN/PUK codes, as well as the procedure and duration of the procedure are provided at the customer service center.