Mega 500

Daily  Internet for smartphone.



500 MB


150 AMD/daily
"Mega 500MB" service activation

  USSD request *1500#
  Call 06741500
  1500 text to 0674    

Check out the Internet volume used under the Service by dialing *107#.

"Mega 500MB" service deactivation

  USSD request *1501#
  Call 06741501
  1501 text to 0674    

After consuming the package


Check device and SIM compatibility with 4G network by clicking on "Check" button or via dialing *444# request by your phone.

Join 4G network and enjoy up to 20x faster mobile Internet․

For connecting to 4G network follow the steps below:


  1. Go to “Connections”
  2. Select the section “Cellular”
  3. Go to the section ” Cellular Data Options”
  4. Go to “Network mode” and choose LTE from the drop down
  5. 4G / LTE appears on the screen


  1. Go to “Settings” of your smartphone
  2. Go to “Connections”
  3. Choose the “Mobile network”
  4. Go to “Network mode” and choose LTE from the drop down
  5. 4G / LTE appears on the screen

You can check the service activation in one of the following ways:

  • Call 067409
  • Send SMS with the text 09 to the number  0674
  • Dial the command  *110*09#

"Mega 500MB" service provides 500MB mobile Internet for the daily fee of 150 AMD.

You may check out the Internet volume used under the Service by dialing *107#.

In case of deactivation of "Mega 500MB"/"Mega 500+" service to reactivate it again you need to wait 15 minutes.  If you send service activation request within 15 minutes from the moment of deactivation, there is a possibility that service will not be activated.

Please, make sure you are offline (have completed the session) before activating the service "Mega 500MB"/"Mega 500+", you can get online only after having activated the service.

The validity period of the service is 1 day.  The service will be automatically provided in the following days in case sufficient funds (more than the sum of daily fee) are available on the account.

You can use the service only in case of positive balance.

In case any Internet package is activated with "Mega 500MB"/"Mega 500+" service, the used volume of the Internet is exhausted from both the service and the volume of unutilized Internet package.

If there is not enough money on the subscriber's balance to write off the daily service fee for the service provision, the provision of the service is suspended. Therewith, mobile internet service tarrification will be carried in accordance with the terms of the subscriber's tariff plan. If there are sufficient funds on the account, the daily service fee will be charged and the provision of services will be resumed during 5 minutes after the recharge.

The service "Mega 500MB"/"Mega 500+" cannot be activated simultaneously with the services "Light", "Pro", "MegaPro", "Regular", "Premium", "Forsage" and "Giga".

The service "Mega 500MB"/"Mega 500+" is available for subscribers of all tariff plans of Team prepaid systems, except mobile internet tariff plans subscribers.

Please take into account that the provided data on the use may differ from the actual data due to various factors, such as the quality of the recording / call, the number of characters in the message, etc.

After the consumption of the provided Internet package, SMS notification is sent to the subscriber in order to help avoid unforeseen costs. Fail to receive or receive an SMS with delay may be due to various limiting factors. To avoid additional costs, you can control the balance and validity period of your Internet package via USSD requests. SMS notification will be send after the end of active internet session.

In case the request to connect the service "Mega 500MB"/"Mega 500+" is sent between 23:55 and 24:00, the service will be activated at the beginning of the next day.

All prices are indicated in AMD, including VAT.

The specified conditions of the services are valid only on the territory of the RA.

  1. The time required to restore the service (in case of an accident): 24 hours.
  2. Response time to service quality complaints: 24 hours.

In case of questions, call 100