0800 service

0-800 service tariffs


«0800» Service allows using the 0-800-XXXX number in Armenia. All incoming calls of this phone number are paid by the organization that is the customer of this number. Calls from all networks of Armenia are free of charge.

The "0800" number is recommended for those organizations whose activities are related to:

• receiving a large number of incoming calls,
• continuous information and technical support of customers,
• implementation of advertising and marketing activities,
• frequent change of business location due to the nature of the activity and, consequently, the telephone number change.

No outgoing calls from "0800" service numbers are available.

No international incoming calls to "0800" service numbers are available.

One-time services

One-time connection fee (for 1 number)

122 300 AMD

2 and more numbers (for each number)

92 400 AMD

Fee for number recovery

14 400 AMD

Reinstalling telephone line (saving the phone number)

14 400 AMD

Number change (on subscriber's initiative)

14 400 AMD

Organization renaming

60 000 AMD

Subscription fee for the organization obtaining the 0800* number

Monthly subscription fee for 1 number

5 400 AMD

Per minute charge for incoming calls for the organization obtaining 800 phone numbers (The sum is calculated per second, starting from the 1st second)

11 AMD

Prices are indicated in drams, inclusive of VAT.

Outgoing calls from «800 special service» numbers are not available.

Incoming international calls to «800 special service» numbers are not available.