Virtual PBX is a complex solution for quick organization of corporate telephone network for your company with no need to pay for expensive equipment and laying of cables. The service is available only with “Optimal” price plans with non-geographic prefix “060”.

The service is also available through "Corporate VPN", which provides high quality service for virtual telephony.

Quick Connection

No need to purchase expensive equipment of huge sizes and wait until cables get laid in proximity to your office.


Add new numbers whenever you need along with the growth of your business. The Virtual PBX is capable of hosting any number of both fixed and mobile telephones connected to it.

Changing the office with no problem

The Virtual PBX is not assigned to your location. Should you decide to move to a new office or even a new city, you will not have to interrupt your operations and change the phone numbers of the employees.

Combining the business units into one

Connect the offices in different cities to a combined network. Your customers will be able to call to a single number, whereas their calls shall be routed as per the regions. Your employees shall get their own internal short numbers to call to and to communicate between each other on the network totally free of charge.

Multi-channel numbers

The multi-channel numbers will allow you to be always accessible to your customers. Answer the calls to the corporate landline number, being at any location in the world thanks to the flexible features of call diverting.

Voice menu (IVR)

The voice menu (IVR) will help you connect to any department or employee as needed and will route the call as per the type of the request, at the same time informing of important updates and offers. This will lessen the load both for your personal assistant and for the call centre. The customer calls get routed to the fixed or mobile numbers of the employees, connected to the Virtual PBX free of charge.

Call recording

Full or random call recording will allow you to control the quality of customer service and improve your service level.

Routing the calls

Group the employees and apply different rules of routing between them. Use various algorythms to reduce the waiting time of the customer on the line, to equally allocate the workload between the employees, motivate them optimally and increase the sales.

CRM Integration

Integration of the customer’s CRM platform with the telephony shall enable connecting the communication channels and shaping an integral automated contacts base for the company.

Multi-channel number

2 000 AMD

Voice menu (IVR)

3 000 AMD

Call recording

3 000 AMD

Distribution of calls

1 000 AMD

CRM integration

1 000 AMD

Short numbers


Conference call


Monthly fee for the technical maintenance of the service

50 000 AMD

*All prices are quoted in AMD, inclusive of VAT

Non-geographic telephony with «060» prefix: OPTIMAL 2500 OPTIMAL 3500 OPTIMAL Max OPTIMAL Max+ OPTIMAL All Net