My Company

You can connect to your corporate tariff even those employees with no corporate mobile communication.

The connection is made with no additional costs for the Company: Employees will pay for mobile accounts themselves, therefore, you will be able to optimize the telephone communication costs of the company. In addition, you can use the program for an additional social benefit.

  • beneficial corporate tariffs,
  • possibility to connect several telephone numbers of relatives and friends to a beneficial tariff,
  • choice between prepaid and postpaid payment systems,
  • independent management of additional services,
  • possibility to keep the usual number and favorable conditions for those employees whose mobile communication is no longer paid.

To connect the "My Company" service legal entities or private entrepreneurs need:

  • to conclude a Contractwith Beeline,

  • to issue a duly verified authentication letter to the respective employee, confirming that he/she is an employee of the company and containing a request to provide the employee no more than 10 phone numbers of the tariff plan agreed upon.

To conclude a subscriber contract the employee needs:

  • to visit Beeline Sales and Customer Care Office with a passport and the authentication letter issued by the company.

1 Under this Contract, the company is not responsible for the performance of obligations by its employees determined by Beeline subscriber contracts.

Together with the "My Company" service every employee will feel as a part of the whole.

You can get more details of the service from Corporate Sales Department by calling (+37410) 700-700 number.