Mobile Budget

Set personal budget for corporate telephony

«Mobile Budget» service provides you with a wide range of features for planning the budget and sharing the costs of mobile communications with the employees.

Every month your company shall receive an invoice for payment and an invoice on the expenditures within the budget. The employees shall receive bills of the costs exceeding the budget limit.

The service allows the Company to set a personal budget for corporate mobile communication for each employee. The company shall pay the bill in the amount not exceeding the budget set for each employee. If the employee’s communication costs exceed the budget amount in the billing month, he/she shall pay for the amount exceeding the budget.

The Company and the Employee bear separate responsibility for clearing their bills. If the employee does not compensate his/her part of the expenses during 2 months, the number will be blocked, and the collection of payments from the Employee will be performed without the Company’s involvement.

International calls/roaming is enabled upon Company’s or its employees’ initiative.