Wi Fi

Wi Fi

Filled with the latest technologies, stylish WiFi device provides maximum wireless internet access from any corner of your home.


Be Free

The package provides an unprecedented opportunity for free communication. It includes unlimited mobile internet, a lot of minutes to local-international calls, after consuming which 10000 minutes to Team mobile network become available to the subscriber.

Be Free
Winthout obligations

Winthout obligations

By subscribing to the COMBO / COSMO service package, you will receive the latest equipment, the highest speed internet, TV channels and mobile services without additional obligations.

COSMO/COMBO advantages

Best speed, unlimited opportunities, latest technologies


Catch-Up up-to 7 days You will never miss your favorite TV programs and movies
Huge Video Library Large selection of movies, cartoons and TV series
TV box with 4K opportunity

Available packages

80 channels
120 channels
150 channels
200 channels
20 channels
30 channels
40 channels
60 channels
110 channels

Nokia devices

Best devices for the best service


Included in package

  • Up to 5 SIM cards with the following inclusions:
  • Unlimited calls among group members
  • 200 MB of Mobile Internet
  • 40 TV channels

Unlimited applications

While using the included in the tariff plan applications during the active period of internet package MBs will not be consumed, and the Internet isn't tarifficated.

In which cases traffic may be tarifficated?

  • If you have an inactive package.
  • If you visit other websites from the mentioned application.
  • In case of downloading application and updates from the Google Play, App Store and Windows Store.
  • In case of using non-official applications of the mentioned services.

Technical traffic and advertising banners on the pages of the applications are also tarifficated according to the tariff plan terms. Paid content and subscriptions are paid separately.

Tariffs after included packages consumption

After consuming incuded in tariff plans packages the following tariffs wiil be applied:

Primary cell phone number Be Free



Call to all RA networks

10 AMD/min

SMS to all local networks

10 AMD

SMS to international networks

20 AMD

Primary cell phone number “COMBO 4 Regional”



Calls to mobile and landline networks of RA 

15.9 AMD/min

SMS to mobile networks of RA 

15.9 AMD

SMS to international networks

20 AMD

Additional cell phone number



Calls to Team mobile network

5 AMD/min

Calls to mobile and landline networks of RA 

15.9 AMD/min

SMS to mobile networks of RA 


Landline phone number

Calls to landline networks of RA (after package consumption)

5 AMD/min

Calls to RA mobile networks: 07.00-23.00h

70 AMD/min

Calls to RA mobile networks: 23.00-07.00h

49 AMD/min

Calls to Beeline Russia mobile network

35 AMD/min

Be Free tariff plans

Be Free 2900
  • 900 minutes to RA, USA and Canada,
    Beeline Russia & Tele2 mobile network
  • 10 GB mobile internet
  • 300 SMS
  • Unlimited: Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Apple Music, OK, Viber, VK, Telegram, Deezer, What's App, Yandex Music, Zoom, Messenger, Zangi, TeamTV, Snapchat
Be Free 4900
  • 3000 minutes to RA, USA and Canada,
    Beeline Russia & Tele2 mobile network
  • Unlimited mobile internet
  • 500 SMS
Be Free Premium
  • 5000 minutes to RA, USA and Canada,
    Beeline Russia & Tele2 mobile network
  • Unlimited mobile internet
  • 1000 SMS

Unlimited internet

In case of network load, the operator reserves the right to limit the provision of high-speed Internet in case of exceeding 300 GB per month, setting the maximum speed at 1 Mb/s.

Internet access from other devices may be restricted.

Additional information

The number of TV channels of the existing COSMO 4 12500 subscribers is 150. 190 TV channels are available to the new subscribers of the COSMO 4 12500, COMBO 4 9900 packages connected until 31.10.2022.

If you have been suspended for 51 days, your service package will be cancelled, including fixed Internet.

To resume the service package please contact the nearest Team Sales and Service Center.

You can turn on main phone number:

*Additional internet packages (also internet packages from Team Bonus program) are not available for the tariff plans with Internet speed limitation.

The one-time fee for connection to the “COSMO GIG” package is AMD 100,000.


Team Bonus

Subscribe to COSMO/COMBO tariff plans and get additional Bonus points while registering in "Team Bonus" program.

COSMO 4 Regional - 400 points
COSMO 2 - 400 points
COSMO 4 1250 - 600 points
COSMO 4 16500 - 800 points
COSMO 4 GIG - 3000 points

You can join the program by registering in the “Personal account”, downloading “My Team” mobile application or dialling *555# request.

Details here.

Immediately after joining the program you will receive points for registration and the next day points for the activating current service package will be accrued.


Additional TV box with  COMBO / COSMO packages which include TV can be provided for an additional monthly fee for each device

Mobile TeamTV operates not using Internet megabytes and is available throughout the country.

Download TeamTV application from App Store or Play Market, then you can activate the TeamTV service by dialing the *818# command from your cell phone, or on TeamTV application login page click "Register", then click "Get password". It is necessary to enter the received login and password in the appropriate fields of TeamTV mobile application.

To restore TeamTV service login and password, you need to dial the *812# command from your cell phone, or on teamTV application login page click "Password Recovery".

With username received by SMS, you can connect to 3 TeamTV devices simultaneously.

TeamTV application is available On all smartphones and tabs with operating systems iOS 9.0 and Android 6.0 and above. Broadcasting is conducted by “Team” CSJC.

Balance check

*113# - information about remainings of provided within tariff plan inclusions.

*102# - balance check.

Additional devices

TV device

Additional TV box can be provided with COMBO 4 Regional and COSMO 4 service packages for 2500 AMD/month for each device.

Wi-fi beacon

Additional Beacon 1.1 / Beacon 2 Wi-Fi amplifiers can be provided with all COSMO service packages for 1500/2000 AMD/month for each device

How to pay

The payment must be done to the mobile phone number.

You can pay by the following ways: