Special offer for HENARAN foundation

Calls to Team, RF Beeline & Tele2 mobile network

Calls to Team, RF Beeline & Tele2 mobile network

10,000 min
Minutes within “closed group”

Minutes within “closed group”

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

3 GB
SMS to all mobile networks of RA

SMS to all mobile networks of RA

150 SMS


1,500 AMD/monthly

To activate tariff plan, you need to apply to Team by calling 010-700-700 or writing to one of the Facebook pages, Team or Team Business, presenting the certificate provided by the HENARAN Foundation. Team employees will accept the application and contact you.

Check the amount of remaining minutes, SMSs and MBs: *113#

Balance check: *102#

Need to make a quick payment? Make it online.

Calls within subscribers of “closed group”

0 AMD/min

Calls to Team mobile network

1 AMD/min

Calls to all fixed and other mobile networks of RA  

14 AMD/min

SMS within subscribers of “closed group” and within Team mobile network


SMS to all mobile of RA networks and international networks


Internet (1MB)



You can turn on:

Important! When "Mega" service is activated, it has a higher priority, i.e. after consuming the free "Mega" internet package and in case of "Lite+" TP free package availability, 1 MB price is 4 AMD until the service is disconnected. The MBs provided by the service will be exhausted in parallel with the MB package included in Lite+ TP.

You can use the "Armenians' World" service and make a call with more affordable rates by dialing *88* or 88 before the number.

To purchase the special tariff plan, the beneficiaries will present the certificate provided by the HENARAN Foundation at Team service offices or online.

Unlimited applications

While using Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, ZOOM, Zangi, WhatsApp applications included in the tariff plan during the active period of internet package MBs will not be consumed, and the Internet isn't tarifficated.

ZOOM application will be active by the above-mentioned terms till 31.10.2020.

Free access to healthcare websites

Lite+ tariff plan subscribers also have free access to a number of healthcare related websites:,,,,,,,

If you have enough money on your account after 1 month, your monthly fee will be charged to your account and the service will be automatically prolonged.*

The mentioned terms of the tariff plan are valid only on the territory of Armenia.

The maximum duration of one call on prepaid tariff plans is 120 minutes.

Tarification is per second., starting at 1 second.

The prices are in AMD, including VAT.

* For example, when you activate the tariff plan on the 5th of this month, if you have enough money on your balance, the reactivation will take place on the 5th of the next month. In case of activation of TP in the last days of the month (e.g. January 31), reactivation will take place on the last day of the next month (February 29).