Providing mobile phones to business customers

Phones for 1 AMD

"Telecom Armenia" CJSC provides its business customers with mobile phones with mobile communication numbers at a price of 1 AMD with VAT when signing a fixed-term contract and according to a certain tariff plan.

Under these terms, phones are provided only when registered with the organization's TIN. All accounts of the business customer must be paid and have no accounts receivable.

If the client is a state entity, state organization or a state-controlled organization, then it is necessary to be guided by the "Guidelines for the provision of gold numbers, devices and free services or services at a discount to State bodies and officials".

If the tariff plan of mobile communication numbers is changed, at the request of the subscriber during the term of the agreement, as well as upon termination of the contract on the initiative of the Operator in the case of a subscriber violating the terms of the contract, the Operator shall compulsorily charge the price for the phone.

When transferring the number provided by MNP, the contract signed with the Operator is terminated, which does not release the Subscriber from fulfilling the obligations assumed under that agreement.

The service is provided on the following terms:

  1. All business customers, except subscribers of the service “My company”,
  2. An obligatory condition is the conclusion of a fixed-term contract for postpaid mobile communication services,
  3. The possibility of providing an equipment to a business customer depends on the positive outcome of the calculated case according to the terms of the tariff plan chosen by the client.

The input parameters of the business case that have an impact on the calculation result are:

  • the price for the sale of the acquired equipment in the company,
  • term for which the fixed-term contract for postpaid mobile communication services is signed,
  • the chosen postpaid tariff plan and sim card numbers for which a postpaid mobile service contract is signed
  • mandatory guaranteed payment - payment according to the tariff plan chosen by the subscriber, on which the fixed-term contract for postpaid mobile communication services is signed
  • "Lifetime" of the company (date of registration of the tax code of the company in the tax registry – more than 3 years)
  • availability/absence of a fixed-line service agreement between the client company and “Telecom Armenia” CJSC