Provision of "Nice" numbers with zero rate

Get a nice number for your business related activities for 0 AMD

 “Nice” numbers at zero rate are provided according to the BC's written request. The type of the number offered to legal entities depends on the average amount of invoices for mobile services submitted for the last 3 months. All invoices of the corporate customer must be paid and do not have any receivables. My Company Service receivables should not exceed 5% of the total monthly average income.

The number is provided for a certain period, depending on the type of provided number, in case of signing an additional agreement.

Average amount of provided invoices during 3 months without VAT/* , AMD

The type of provided number

The minimum term of contract

Periodicity of number provision

From 50000 to 125000**

Nickel, Bronze, Silver

6 months

1 month

From 125000 to 175000***


12 months

3 months

From 175000 to 600000***


18 months

6 months

More than 600000****

Diamond, VIP

24 months

1 year

* In the calculation of the average sum, all the invoices of mobile service, accounted for on the organization's TIN, are based on the calculation reports of "Telecom Armenia" CJSC.
** Nickel, Bronze, Silver numbers are provided with the consent of the Head of the CS department.

*** Gold, Platinum numbers are provided with the consent of the Head of CSS.

**** Diamond type numbers are provided by the agreement of the Commercial Director.

**** VIP type numbers are provided only with the consent of the General Director of "Telecom Armenia" CJSC.

  • In case of renaming, termination, change of the tariff plan of "Nice" numbers at subscriber’s initiative during the minimum term of the contract, as well as in case of termination of the contract on the initiative of the Operator due to the subscriber's failure to fulfill their obligations under the agreement, the cost specified in the corresponding order of "Telecom Armenia" CJSC, determined for "Nice" number selection shall be charged.
  • In case of transferring the Nice number provided by MNP, the contract with the Operator is terminated, which does not relieve the Subscriber from the contractual obligations he has undertaken.
  • Subscribers, who have signed a contract for provision of a “nice” number for a certain period (6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months), within 3 months upon the termination of the contract, are allowed to perform the restoration of the numbers without penalty charge upon renewal of additional agreements with minimal term of period.

Prices are indicated in AMD, including of VAT.