SMS notification

The service allows to perform a Partner Service via SMS available to all Team mobile network subscribers that are considered to be the Partner’s (bank’s, credit organization’s, organization’s providing bank card emission and support services) clients and have given their consent to receive SMS notifications from the Partner, irrespective of the tariff plans and billing systems.

  • Bank notifications when performing financial transactions; 
  • Response to a customer request; 
  • Notification on next installment of the loan, etc.
  • SMS texts should not be commercial and advertise services of the Partner or other companies.
  • SMS texts should not contain political messages, including but not limited to appeals to vote for a certain political party and/or candidate, to participate or not in elections, etc.
  • SMS notifications and Service provision should not include Services that are not informational (including, but not limited to entertainment and medical services, insurance services, services of communication operators, etc.).
  • SMS notifications should not include information, the spreading (disclosure) of which is forbidden by applicable laws of the Republic of Armenia.
  • SMS notification will be provided directly to the Partner’s clients only that have provided a written consent to receive the Partner’s «SMS Notifications». 
  • The Partner is not entitled to carry out actions, which can be considered as SPAM (bulk not requested by the Client).