Drive Mini (30 GB)

High-speed Internet for PC, WiFi/USB modems




3,000 AMD/monthly
Internet volume

Internet volume

30 GB

Switching from another postpaid tariff plan to Drive Mini


SMS to the mobile networks of the RA and NKR

20 AMD

SMS to international networks

30 AMD

You can activate «Extra Internet» service

Activation price

300 AMD


by the next day 23:55

Internet speed

up to1024 kbit/sec

Provided high speed

bundle Unlimited





7007 text to the 0674 number

An "Extra Internet" service is available for postpaid tariff plans, which you can activate after the main high speed Internet package consumption.

In case of subscription to Drive Mini tariff plan you can get Team SM25 4G WiFi router under the following special conditions:

Team SM25 4G WiFi router will be provided just for 100 AMD (including VAT) in case of 18-month subscription to Drive Mini tariff plan. 
You can get Team SM25 4G WiFi router at the price of only 5000 AMD (including VAT) in case of 12-month subscription to Drive Maxi tariff plan

In case of termination of the contract of Mobile Internet service provision, during the subscription period (12 or 18 months), the subscriber should pay the difference between the value of the Wi-Fi router, announced at the date of purchase and sale, and the already paid 100 or 5000 AMD.
In case of subscription, the switch from Drive Mini TP to another tariff plan is not allowed.

You can activate the "Extra Internet" service unlimited times during a month paying the service fee for each activation.

The volume of 30 GB Internet  included in the TP Drive Mini will be provided the first day of each month.

The whole volume of 30 GB provided by the TP will be transferred only if you connect to the tariff plan the first day of the month. If you connect to the TP any other day of the month, the monthly fee and the amount of high-speed Internet will be calculated according to the days left until the end of the month.

Voice (incoming and outgoing calls) services are not available to the subscribers of the postpaid TP Drive Mini.

А Monthly fee is calculated on a daily basis.

If you activate the "Extra Internet" service on the last day of the month, it will be provided until the end of the same day.

The "Extra Internet" service is available only to subscribers of postpaid tariff plans Drive Mini, Drive Midi, Drive Maxi and Drive Maxi+


In case you activate "Extra Internet" service before consumption of 30 GB, the Internet will be provided without speed limitation, while volume of the consumed Internet will be extracted from provided 30 GB as well.

Therefore, it is recommended do not activate the "Extra Internet" service if you have not yet consumed of 30 GB Internet volume provided by your tariff plan.

All the prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

The specified tariff plan conditions are valid only on the territory of the RA.