For subscribers of analogue ATEs.

Main telephone line

4 800 AMD

Rural network telephone line
(without automatic outgoing capacity to switching network)

180 AMD

Two-paired telephone lines

720 AMD

Monthly fee for connecting line

2400 AMD

Connecting line

2 400 AMD

Direct line

3 600 AMD

Monthly fee for connecting line of interdepartmental ATEs for business and governmental subscribers

Monthly fee for connecting line

2 400 AMD

By two wires

2 400 AMD

By three wires

3 000 AMD

Long-distance calls to RA fixed networks

5 AMD/min.

Calls to RA mobile networks, 07.00-23.00

70 AMD/min.

Calls to RA mobile networks, 23.00-07.00

49 AMD/min.

Local calls to landline networks of other public electronic communication operators of RA

5 AMD/min.

Prices are indicated in AMD, inclusive of VAT.

Maximum duration of one call is 2 hours.

Tariff plans are applied only on the basis of your written application starting from the next month after submitting application to “Telecom Armenia”.

In case of switching to another tariff plan, the minutes provided for each direction will not be transferred to the next month.

In case of not submitting any written application for switching to the selected tariff plan, the tariffs of “Basic 1” tariff plan shall apply.

After consuming the limit of free minutes the tariffs of the selected tariff plan will be applied for local calls and Internet (Dial-up) access services regardless of usage direction (Internet access(Dial-up), local calls).