Connection through ADSL modem enables to have Internet access via ordinary telephone lines.

Service advantages

  • High-speed up to 10 Mbit/sec
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Тelephone and Internet simultaneously

«Stream» unlimited tariff plans

Unlimited 3072
Speed 3072/1024 kbit/sec.

4 800 AMD/month

Unlimited 4096
Speed 4096/2048 kbit/sec.

 5 000 AMD/month

Unlimited 6144
Speed 6144/2048 kbit/sec.

6 000 AMD/month

Unlimited 8192 *
Speed 8192/2048 kbit/sec.

7 000 AMD/month

Unlimited 10240* 
Speed 10240/2048 kbit/sec.

8 000 AMD/month

«Like» unlimited tariff plans

Unlimited 1024
Speed 1024/512 kbit/sec.

4 200 AMD/month

Unlimited 2048
Speed 2048/1024 kbit/sec.

4 500  AMD/month

All prices are indicated in AMD, including VAT.

If the Hi-Line service contract is concluded for a period of 13 months, the WiFi ADSL modem is provided for use. In case of termination of the contract after expiration of 13 months, the Subscriber is obliged to return the WiFi modem or pay the modem sale price of 4000 AMD, including VAT. In case of termination of the contract by the Subscriber within 13 months from the date of signing the contract, the Subscriber will be charged the whole cost of the WiFi ADSL modem specified in the Hi-Line Service Agreement.

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