Mobile VPN

Manage your company's business at any time, anywhere in the country

“Corporate Mobile-VPN” postpaid tariff plans “Terminal”

Tariff plans

Connection fee

Monthly subscription fee

1 MB

(0-50 points)




Unmilited yearly**




Unlimited *
(51 and more points)




Prices are indicated in AMD, including VAT.

Unlimited data transfer.

* For a mentioned TP’s only data transfer service is available, all voice and SMS services are unavailable; all voice and SMS services shall be unavailable.

** Upon concluding a 12-month agreement, the Subscriber accepts and agrees that in a period of twelve months from the moment of concluding the Agreement on mobile communication services provision, in the event of terminating the Agreement by either the Subscriber’s or the Operator’s initiative due to violating the terms by the Subscriber, as well as in the event of changing the tariff plan or renaming the telephone number, the Subscriber is obliged to pay to the Operator the fee of AMD 10000 as set for the selected tariff plan per each telephone number and for each aforementioned case.

*** In case of 18-month subscription to tariff plan Unlimited you can get Beeline SM25 4G WiFi router just for 100 AMD (including VAT).
In case of termination of the contract of Mobile VPN service provision, during the subscription period (18 months), the subscriber should pay the difference between the value of the Wi-Fi router, announced at the date of purchase and sale, and the already paid 100 AMD.

“Corporate Mobile-VPN” service can be organized by:

  • Unifying client’s office/offices using CDN network point/points of high-speed IP-MPLS network infrastructure of “Telecom Armenia” OJSC, which is available throughout Armenia;
  • Without unifying client’s office/offices using CDN network point/points of high-speed IP-MPLS network infrastructure.

SIM cards of the “Corporate Mobile-VPN” service is provided

  • with data transferring and voice services available,
  • with data transferring services only

SIM cards of the “Corporate Mobile-VPN” service are provided with an attached number and with static private IP address wity APN of mycompany.corp from the IP network.