Unlock exclusive savings with Visa!

Simply add your Visa card to unlock a sensational deal. When you choose Visa at checkout, enjoy the privilege of having half the cost covered – revel in a generous 50% off on all your transactions. Act now, as this offer is valid from 16.11.23 to 31.12.23. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of offer, for this you need to update the Team Energy app

Unlock exclusive savings with Visa!

Team Energy App

All you need is to download the application and attach your Visa card

Team Energy App


Who can take part in the promotion?

Individuals who have installed the application and attached a VISA card

How to participate in the promotion?

  • Install the app, attach a VISA card
  • When charging starts, select payment from the card

Is the promotion valid for payment from the Team balance?

Special conditions apply only when paying with a VISA card.

If you partially pay from the balance of the TEAM, the conditions will apply only to the part that will be paid with a VISA card.