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Buy Xiaomi Note 11S smartphone and get stylish headphones and smart watch only for 2600* AMD/month.

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Special offer
Alteracs Silk and E-Joy Smart Watch Plus

Alteracs Silk and E-Joy Smart Watch Plus

WIth the purchase of Xiaomi Note 11S smartphone, get high-quality and stylish Alteracs Silk wireless headphones and E-Joy Smart Watch Plus smart watch.

Frequently asked questions

Can I opt out of the number and plan by taking just devices?

Yes, in that case bundle will be provided without SIM card.

Can I opt out of the bundled communication services and phone number at any time?

Yes, the phone number and data plan are provided without further obligations.

Is a SIM card provided with a smartphone?

Yes, the bundle includes Be Free 2900 tariff plan and a 25 GB internet package.

How is the subscription fee calculated starting from the second month?

If there are enough funds on your balance, the monthly fee will be charged from the balance and the services included in the tariff plan will be provided for one month.

Additional information

As part of the special offer, the devices and the data plan are provided in the bundle with a smartphone.

Until when is the promo is available?

The promo is available 02․03-07․04 inclusively.

How much will I pay per month if I buy on credit?

When buying a smartphone on credit, a bank fee is added, starting from 2600 AMD per month + bank fee: in case of a loan for 42 months.