SMS package

The service "SMS-packages" allows you to send SMS both in Team network and to all RA and NKR local mobile networks.
You can select one of 3 SMS-packages։ SMS-package 50, SMS-package 100, SMS-package 300

Dial the command 067450

Dial the command 0674100

Dial the command 0674300

Service fee is 450 AMD  per month.

Service fee is 750 AMD per month.

Service fee is 1500 AMD per month.

You can get information about your balance with the help of the commands: 0697 or *106#

The service is available only to Team prepaid system subscribers.

Prices are indicated in drams including VAT. 

In roaming, when sending messages to foreign mobile networks, as well as to short special numbers, SMS-package will not be consumed, the messages you have sent will be charged as per the corresponding tariffs.

In case of changing the tariff plan, the telephone number, SIM-card and in case of mobile number blocking/unblocking, SMS balance and the validity period will remain unchanged.

Package validity period is 30 days from the moment of connection. Upon expiry of 30 days after activation of the package:

If the subscriber has SMS on the balance, they will be set to zero, and the further SMS tariffication will be carried out as per the tariff plan.

If the subscriber has connected a new package prior to the expiry of the validity period of the previous package, the remaining SMS in the package will be added to the SMS of the new package. The validity period is prolonged for 30 days from the moment of connecting the last SMS package.

One can use SMS-package only if the number is active (is not blocked) and the balance is positive. If the main balance is set to zero, but the validity period of the prepaid number has not expired, the subscriber cannot use SMS-balance, however, the balance will not zero out.