Business 365 Premium

Effective organization of remote work․

Landline internet*

Landline internet*

100 Mbit/sec


Office 365 Business Premium
Minutes within “closed group”

Minutes within “closed group”

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

2 GB



Monthly fee - 15,000 AMD

* If the fixed Internet is not available by the subscriber's address, then for the same fee mobile Internet will be provided  - 400GB. Router price - 100 AMD.

Wi-Fi router

4 additional prepaid SIM cards with the following inclusions:

              - Unlimited calls within “closed group”
              - 2 GB of Mobile Internet

 Microsoft Office applications:


Calls to Team mobile network 1 AMD/min
Calls to other mobile and all fixed networks of RA  12 AMD/min
Calls to all networks of USA, Canada and Beeline Russia* 15 AMD/min
SMS to Team mobile network 5 AMD
SMS to other mobile networks of RA  10 AMD
Internet 5 AMD/MB

* The indicated rates are applying both through the service "Armenians world" and by direct number dialing.

Office 365 Business Premium - 7,000 AMD

Offers allow our business clients to effectively organize the remote work of their employees, receiving all necessary services in one package: landline internet or mobile connection, Office 365 Business Premium software.

  • The packages are available for both new and existing corporate subscribers.
  • A contract with the Subscriber is concluded for a period of 12 months.
  • For landline Internet with VDSL technology, the obligatory condition is the presence of landline telephony.
  • Subscribers will receive a Wi-Fi router for use. In case of contract termination, the subscriber should return the router, or pay the total price of Wi-Fi router mentioned in the contract: in the case of landline internet service with VDSL technology - 23520 AMD including VAT,  in the case of landline internet service with FTTB technology - 16520 AMD including VAT,
  • In the case of high-speed Internet (Drive), the Bubscriber buys a Team SM25 4G WiFi router for 100 AMD (including VAT). In case of early termination of the contract, the Subscriber must pay the difference in price between the declared price of the router at the time of signing the contract and the paid price of 100 AMD.
  • In case of early termination of the contract a fine of 7000 AMD will be paid, which is activated on the subscriber's main number.
For postpaid numbers

You can check your balance through mobile application My Team , at My Account or by calling the following telephone numbers:

Information about the balance of packages 067406
Information about the balance of account as of the last day of the previous month 067413
Information about the current account without the subscription fee for additional services 067412
For prepiad numbers

Check the amount of remaining minutes, SMSs and MBs: *113#              

Balance check: *102#   

Prices are indicated in AMD, including VAT.

Billing is per seconds, counting from the first second.

The amount of uploaded / downloaded data is rounded up to a higher value in the billing period. For «Mobile GPRS - Internet»,  "Internet for All" services – with the accuracy of up to 10 KB.

The speed, specified by the tariff plan “Team Internet”, is provided at the following addresses upon availability of technical capability. 

Check out the addresses here.