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Frequently asked questions

How much does Mobile Number Porting(MNP) cost?

The number porting to Beeline is free.

How long does the number porting process takes for processing?

The process take up to 3 business days. You can schedule a number portation date during 30 days from request submission.

For how long my number will be unavailable during MNP(Mobile Number Portation) process?

The gap between ported number activation and deactivation does not exceed 2 hours.

Can I cancel my MNP request?

You can cancel the MNP request during the processing stage. In order to cancel the portation of already completed request, you need to visit Beeline service centers and submit a request for MNP cancelation.

How many times I can port in my number?

You can port in your number only 2 times during 12 months.

Can I port in my number while having financial liabilities to previous carrier?

Yes, liabilities do not ban you from MNP, but MNP does not release your financial liabilities.

If I have a positive balance during MNP, will it be transferred to new profile?

No, the positive balance is not transferred during MNP.

Can I identify to what carrier does the calling number belong?

During a call to other carriers, you will hear a signal.

What can be reasons for MNP request rejection?

The MNP request can be rejected if:
- If the ported number does not belong to you;
- The individual who submitted the request does not have enough authority for MNP;
- The number was blocked by your request;
- After the MNP request submission you canceled the contract with carrier, changed your number or the owner of the number;
- If you violated the contract with the previous carrier resulted in contract termination;
- Other MNP request to other carrier is in process;
- The number of successful MNP's exceed the maximum of 2 times during 12 months;
- After the request submission you terminated the contract with the carrier, changed the number or the owner of the number.

What Tariff to choose when porting to Beeline?

After the online MNP request submission, our specialist will call and help you to choose the most suitable tariff for you. You can choose the tariff before MNP request by visiting tariff options in our website.

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